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Daytona Bike Week may be over but that just means the season has begun, and what a great riding season it is going to be! At HAWG USED Harley, there are hundreds and hundreds of used Harley-Davidson motorcycles and custom choppers to choose from. You can search by state or Canadian Province, model, or year. If selling your Harley-Davidson motorcycle or chopper, you can list it here for less than $40!

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ARIZONA Bike Week     Scottsdale & Phoenix               3/28-4/1/2007
Laughlin River Run         Laughlin, Nevada                   4/25-4/29/2007
Outer Banks Bike Week   Nags Head, North Carolina  4/25-4/29/2007
Myrtle Beach Bike Week     Myrtle Beach, SC                              5/11-5/20/2007
For a full listing of all major motorcycle rallies:
HAWG Motorcycle Events


Bike Week 2007
Includes event schedules for Daytona, Myrtle Beach, and the Major Rallies: Sturgis, Laconia, Laughlin, and major rides.


Ideal time to Buy a Used Harley
11/17/05 - The weather took a sudden drop in temperature last night, so you know what that means? Itís the perfect time to work on getting your Harley all set up for next season.
If youíre looking to buy or sell a Used Harley, prices are always lowest this time of year, and the selection of used motorcycles on the market will be increasing from now until March. In March, the used Harley market is like a tank full of pirannha with last minute deals, so now is more relaxed and a great time to buy. Youíre definitely in the right. Just click on the enter button above.

If youíre fixing up or customizing your Harley, I found the coolest Harley Horn Cover ever, (see new products), and Iím putting it on Bailey, my H-D Sportster, as part of the Bailey customizing project. Find out more about at the Harley Parts. Also, if youíre looking for harley parts, thereís everything from mirrors to exhaust pipes to forward controls at BIKER GEAR. If youíve outgrown your old leathers, there are leather jackets, vests, and chaps at The Leather Shop.

For next year, Iím planning rides to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Laconia. Iíll keep posting motorcycle events for people anywhere in the world, and plan to stay involved in biker rights.

Iíll continue to post info for Motorcycle Clubs, with a focus on helping to turn around some of the anti-gang laws that would make any of us illegal simply by having a tatoo and wearing a leather jacket.

Iím very involved in the subculture of Womens Motorcycle Clubs, and we are doing better than ever. I look forward to meeting up with many of my sisters from PRIESTESS and helping other womens motorcycle clubs as much as possible. I rode up to the womens rally in Gettysburg last year, and am pleased to report that it was great to see Women MCís continue to get along with each other. Your patch is respected by all, and if you donít wear a patch, you are respected by all. Letís keep it that way in 2006.

Thanks for visiting the HAWG USED HARLEY site, and I hope it helps you find your dream motorcycle!


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