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9/11 Motorcycle Events

This year, 9/11 is on a Sunday. The terrorist attacks may have been felt the most at the World Trade Center in NYC, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and at the crash site of Flight 93, but it impacted the entire country and the world. If anyone has local motorcycle events of any size they would like to add to this list, please send email.

Check local 9/11 events information.

Major 9/11 Motorcycle Events

9/11 Motorcycle Events are considered Major if they include Rides through more than one state or events that take place at one of the crash sites.

9/3/05 - 9/11/05 Oceanside, CA to Ground Zero, Manhattan, NYC
Torches Across America
Cross country ride begins on 9/3/05 in Oceanside CA and ends 9/11/05 at Ground Zero. Route goes through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, , Pennsylvania, and New York. Check www.torchesacrossamerica.com for route information. Participants can join for portions of the ride.

September 9, 10 and 11, 2005           Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington DC
8:00 AM Registration and line up Century Harley Medina Ohio
9:00 AM Ceremony
9:45 AM Depart Century Harley (90 miles to Beaver Falls, PA )
11:30 AM Arrive Beaver Falls HD for lunch and gas
1:30 PM Depart Beaver Falls HD (95 miles to Somerset, PA.)
3:15 PM Arrive Somerset PA
Hotels Somerset PA :
Days Inn Somerset 814-445-9200 ($39.99 including continental breakfast)
Best Western Executive Inn 814-445-3996 ($58.00 including continental breakfast)
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM Somerset HD

8:00 AM Line up bikes
8:30 AM Depart for Shanksville
9:00 AM Ceremony Shanksville, PA (7 miles to Shanksville)
10:00 AM Depart for New Kingston HD in Harrisburg PA
(115 miles to New Kingston HD)
12 Noon Arrive New Kingston HD for lunch and gas
1:30 PM Depart New Kingston HD (115 miles to College Park MD)
3:00 PM Arrive College Park
Hotels College Park MD
Best Western Inn 800-442-1644 ($85.00 including continental breakfast)
Quality Inn 800-465-4329 ($85.00 including continental breakfast)
5:30 PM to 9:00 PM Annapolis Harley Davidson- Food and Entertainment

8:00 AM Line up bikes
8:30 AM Depart for Pentagon
9:30 AM Ceremony Pentagon ( details not finalized)
10:30 AM Possible Procession through Washington DC
12:00 NOON Riders begin return trip to Cleveland ( Not in procession )

For more information contact either Angelo Carile at 440-376-1500 or
John "KIKS" Kikol at 440-327-6966 -kiksharley@aol.com

9/10   former World Trade Center site, NYC
Rally for Americas’ 9/11 Memorial Site
Hello, my name is Janet Roy, my brother was Captain William F Burke, Jr, Engine 21.  Billy died in the line of duty on 9/11/01. My family along with many other 9/11 families and friends are sponsoring a Rally at the World Trade Center on September 10th.  The purpose of the rally is to convince NY State Governor Pataki and NYC Mayor Bloomberg (ultimate decision makers) that the 9/11 Memorial should be first and formost about the events and people of 9/11. That irrelevant cultural and political centers do not belong at the memorial site.  While this is not a motorcycle event, I believe that your riders would be supporters of our efforts and that their presence would signal the "powers that be" that this is Americas' 9/11 Memorial, not special interests'.
More information on our movement and the rally can be found at www.takebackthememorial.com.
 I believe that your riders would be aghast if they knew what certain special interests were planning to erect at the WTC.

Local 9/11 Motorcycle Events

Every City and Town in America Should Have a 9/11 Commemorative to Never Forget.

If you want to take part in a commemorative activity in your town or city, or want to know if they are having an event to remember 9/11, you might check with your local First Responders. Note: Use the non-emergency number.

In your town, if the fire department or police department is not already planning a commemorative, suggest that you would like to gather local motorcyclists for a ride to never forget. Work it with them. Occasionally, they will suggest that the ride be used to raise money for a fund for such things as an officer down fund or a volunteer fire department or emergency response equipment.

Send the information to me by email and I will post it. Please include the city or town, state, specifics such as whether the event is a ride or a memorial gathering, and where and when to gather. Also include a phone number and/or email address motorcyclists can use for more information.

Local 9/11 Motorcycle Events Listing by State, then by City or Town.

Montana - Billings. 9-11 Remembrance Ride. Teri is coordinating with the PD and FD. The police and fire chief have given me their support, and we'll have support vehicles from both these departments. We are contacting sponsors now, and will have more details later. If anyone is interested in participating, they should email or call 406-861-4433.  We should have the details finalized in and next month, and then I'll email all the info.

North Carolina - Holly Ridge September 9-11, 2005 VFW Post #9983, 188 Hines Stimp Sound Church Rd. Holly Ridge, NC 28445.
Fallen Heroes Memorial Rally
Weekend long rally honoring those who sacrificed on 9/11, and for those who continue to sacrifice. Hosted by VFW Post #9983 in Holly Ridge. (Near Surf City and Topsail.) Sponsored by Britts Motorsports, New River Harley-Davidson, Hampstead Pool and Spa and Dreamcaster's Custom Designs.  Free primitive camping on site. Electrical hook-ups available to vendors on first come- first serve basis. Generators are welcome. Showers and Porta-johns will be available. Live music, poker runs, bike games, bike contest, WET T-SHIRT CONTEST, food and beer, and vendors. A special ceremony will be held on Sunday to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Gates open Friday at 4 p.m. and close Sunday at 3 p.m. $20 for a weekend pass. $15 for military and emergency service personnel with an ID.  Children 13 and under are free. Coolers are allowed (cans only please). Families welcome.  Campsites are limited so please RSVP early.  24 hour security on site. Vendors please contact Mike for space information and sponsorship opportunities. Vendor space is limited so first come, first serve.  Will be held rain or shine. Contact Mike at 910-231-3446, or email at mc_rally_info@yahoo.com for more information. www.fallenheroesmemorialrally.com

Ohio - Columbus. Rob Perryman wrote on behalf of Renaissance Community Development Corporation, a branch of New Salem Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. I'm writing to inform you that our Biker ministry called L.I.F.E., Living In Freedom Everyday, is holding a Biker's Sunday event at New Salem Baptist Church on 9-11. We're inviting bikers from all over the Central Ohio area to come and honor our veterans with us. We haven't come up with a deinite theme yet, but we'll stay in touch.

Pennsylvania - Birdsboro.
9/11/2005 Birdsboro VFW321 E. Main St., Birdsboro, PA 19508
Charity Poker Run
Proceeds to Benefit the Birdsboro VFW Post 411Servicemans Relief Fund.
Registration: 10am – 1pm $10.00 per person Includes Beer, Soda and snacks
For more information: e-mail vpbkpa@hotmail.com or go to:http://bkpa4.homestead.com/Charity.html


Support Your Troops and Support Your First Responders

Regardless of Your Political Beliefs

Regardless of Your Religious Beliefs

This message has been brought to you by someone who might have different beliefs than you. I will fight to protect your rights to your beliefs, unless you believe you have the right to interfere with my few remaining rights and freedoms.


The entire Islamic culture has been shamed for all eternity by Islamic terrorism. You Islamic people who claim to love peace need to denounce Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, and terrorism. Terrorism is not the way to freedom. It is nothing more than mass murder. It is the way to continued shame and eternal damnation. The Islamic masses need to oppose terrorism as evil, yet many on the streets of Palestine embraced the evil by cheering after 9/11. They are damned. The only ones who can stop Islamic terrorism are the Islamic people. The Islamic opposition to terrorism should be deafening, yet there is silence. Your silence be damned. We shall be silent but for a moment, and then our engines will roar. We will Never Forget!

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