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New photo interface so you can view and upload photos.

Just in time for your Toy Tun photos, and donít forget Daytona Bike Week photos!

Throughout the site, youíll find different groups of photos. Until now, most of them have been uploaded directly by the publisher, because I really have not liked any of the interfaces Iíve tried. The last one I tried was a royal pain to my readers. I do everything I can to test things out before suggesting people use something. This new one is nice!

Iím configuring different categories and albums now, but please come in and start posting photos.


Bikers Photo of the Year

Bikers Photo of the Year - a contest that will be decided by readers votes in the various categories, with winning photos featured at Worldwide Bikers, Bikers USA, and other popular biker sites.

Biker Babe of the Year - Whether youíre the sexiest biker babe on the planet or you are the classiest, or maybe you werenít born quite as beautiful on the outside but you actually ride hard and play hard. All should be appreciated, so upload your pic.

Biker Dude of the Year - This isnít set up yet, but soon it will be and weíll give you studly guys equal opportunity also, so get your pics ready to upload. Again, you might be the sexiest biker dude on the planet, but even if you werenít born with a flawless shell, there are readers who will appreciate you and you may get more votes than you think!

Bike Build-Off - weíre setting up an online biker build-off also! Details coming soon.

This biker photos gallery behaves a lot better. You wonít find advertisements there. You can go there and look at pics as an unregistered guest, but if you want to see more pics, you will have to register. Registering is very easy, and there is no delay. You get an email that you need to click on a link to verify your email address. Then you can log in. You wonít get emails from me or any company that has anything to do with the interface.

RESIZING PHOTOS: Maximum 80 kb and 400x400 pixels.

The interface is not user friendly if you try to upload pics that are too large. You may have to resize your photos so they are no more than 80kb and canít be more than 400x400 pixels.

Most people have Paint. In Paint, just click on Image then Attributes to determine the current size of your of the photo you want to upload. you need to resize a photo, I recommend you click on file then save as. Give the photo a new name such as name_md for medium or name_sm for small. Then click on Image, then stretch. If the pic you are working on is very large, you might use stretch and then make both vertical and horizontal 50%. The image will end up being 1/4th the original size. Check attributes again. If the image is still larger than 80kb and 400x400 pixels, but only a little more, click on stretch again, and this time make it 80% on both horizontal and vertical. Check the attributes again. Once the image is reduced enough, click on file, then save.

Now, your pic should be the right size and you should be able to upload the photo!

What photos to NOT upload: Absolutely NO PORN! Anyone uploading porn will have their IP banned. Some photos from wet t-shirt contests might be objectionable to many people, but some will be acceptable. The editor has the final authority and will remove objectionable material. There is no way to put a childproof lock on the Biker Photos area. I am no prude, but respect, respectable, and respectful is and always will be the guideline for this site. It will continue to be a place the entire biker family can enjoy.

Willing Subjects: No Photos of Subjects that donít want their photo published. Make sure you have permission from people you take photos of. For example, donít go to a motorcycle event and take photos of a one percenter and then upload it without permission. Make sure that photos of strangers motorcycles donít show the license plate without permission of the owner.

Keep your Advertising Out! A little bit of advertising sometimes cannot be avoided. We appreciate biker-friendly businesses, but we also do not want blatant advertisements for your business like the picture of the sign outside your store or motel. Tacky. This especially applies to dating services.

Motorcycle Clubs: MC members should all know any rules your MC may have against the publication of motorcycle club photos. I want to keep you on good terms with your MC. Itís up to you to check with them. Iíll gladly remove any photos that anyone in MC leadership objects to. Common sense is not always common, but RESPECT is the rule of the road as well as here.

Copyright Considerations: Please donít upload photos that arenít yours.

Express Permission for Use by Worldwide Bikers: Uploading photos to the new Biker Photo interface implies agreement that it is okay for the publisher of Worldwide Bikers to repost the photo on the Worldwide Bikers or Bikers USA, including the first page or front cover.



Thanks for visiting BIKERS and proving a Biker web site can be biker-family oriented and still be popular! Please visit again soon !

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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