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Bikers Directory Submission Policy:

Find out what kind of sites we link for free, what kind of sites we will enter into a reciprocal link agreement with, what kind of sites should advertise, and what kind of sites we typically refuse.

Due to the proliferation of sites that consist of massive directories and/or forums which spring up from nowhere overnight by non-bikers, Worldwide Bikers has begun a policy of not doing free promotions of new sites unless they are for a motorcycle club (verified by photos at the site) which has existed for at least 12 months, charity, charity event, or other non-commercial purpose. In order to do this, we will check the wayback machine and whois to confirm the site has existed at least 12 months.

No free links for the following categories, unless it is a terrific reciprocal link:

  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Motorcycle Manufacturers
  • Motorcycle Dealers
  • Used Motorcycle Sales
  • Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Campgrounds
  • Motorcycle Helmets
  • Motorcycle Clothing and Apparel
  • Motorcycle Directories

With our low advertising prices, and severe lack of revenue which is threatening the survival of BIKERS, the decision is to not give away links to commercial businesses. Please place an advertising order. Many sites will be reviewed for removal after November 2005.

We’ve been getting spammed badly, but are finally getting it under control. We may have to stop advising people by email if their site is approved or rejected. Please help me decide how to deal with this.


Create a forum that gives submission status. I’d use it.

Create a page that just lists the date submitted and a reason why a site was refused. Does not need to mention the site specifically. We’ll figure it out.

You’re doing great so far. You will figure out the best way. Thanks.

Motorcycle Clubs - Will provide reciprocal links for motorcycle clubs, riding groups, and associations. There are some sites that we may not consider legitimate clubs if it appears they never get together, never meet each other, and never ride together. BIKERS will check and see if there is an “about us” page. Usually a club will at least have a picture or two. If the site has no evidence of people going on rides together, it may be considered for another category.

Note: Even if you do not have a web site, as long as you have some kind of contact information, you can still add your club to the motorcycle clubs directory. If you have no site, please advise how people can contact you.


Biker Personal Sites - I love biker personal sites. Worldwide Bikers started as a personal site. I will provide reciprocal links for web sites that are personally owned by bikers which feature articles or photos related to motorcycle riding. Sites with an “about us” type of page or some other way to show that the site is by bikers, are usually quickly approved. Even if it is a site by a motorcycle enthusiast, or biker wannabe it may get approved, provided there is some evidence found that the person has taken a genuine interest in motorcycling.

Motorcycle Rights Organizations - I always help any way I can. Please let me know what else I can do for you. You who work so hard trying to get us our biker rights back and keep the ones which remain. You are usually underappreciated by the millions who don’t realize the value of freedom and rights:  Please let me know and I will get the word out.

Reciprocal Links - Links from your site are terrific and appreciated. Just link to http://bikersmag.com with title of BIKERS or Worldwide Bikers and for a description please say major ezine for world-wide motorcycle events, motorcycling directory, and lots of old school biker lifestyle information. You can add our graphic and compliments are always appreciated. Biker Personal sites and other sites are occasionally reviewed to see if they have reciprocated by creating a link. For whatever reason, many do not. Site managers may be contacted and their site may be removed unless they reciprocate as they agreed to.

Best Biker Sites - Many of the web sites selected as an Editors Pick for BEST Site For Bikers in a particular state will continue to stay listed as a “best biker site” regardless of whether or not they have reciprocated with a link or even a nice word. As great biker sites are found, they may be added and might replace the existing ones, but some of those sites, like Tail of the Dragon, are always going to be terrific.

Biker-Friendly Establishments: BIKERS is NOT a way to get free advertising for commercial businesses. Biker-friendly does not mean money-friendly. A truly biker-friendly establishment does more than just “allow” bikers to be their customers. A truly biker-friendly establishment welcomes bikers, becomes part of the biker community, and gives back to the biker community. The biker community, including Worldwide Bikers, gives back to them, hopefully ten times over, by spreading the good word about someones welcoming attitude.

Biker-friendly examples: Holly from Legends Pub in Fayetteville, NC has always been part of the biker family, supports biker charities, is always there for bikers at their time of need, and to help them celebrate in happy times. Sharon, from McKenzies Seafood in Wake Forest, NC is always eager to take part in motorcycle events. There are many more, and hopefully in the future we will be able to mention all. Just because an establishment allows bikers through their doors, and wants to make money off them as customers, does not make a place biker-friendly. When an establishment does things such as create motorcycle parking, that is a great start.

Even large corporations such as Hooters can be extremely biker-friendly, often willing to sponsor a motorcycle event which raises money for the charities bikers support. I visited Phillip Ali, the General Manager of the Hooters in Raleigh, when I was putting together an event to raise money for sick kids to go to summer camp. Phil didn’t hesitate a bit: He immediately produced a coupon good for a large chicken wings party which we could raffle or give as a door prize. Now, that is biker-friendly! From what I see, Hooters appears to be biker-friendly at all their locations! In fact, here is my personal observation, after years of observing motorcycle events and sponsorships: Hooters is the most biker-friendly large corporation, even outpacing motorcycle manufacturers. They didn’t ask me to say that.

If you have really earned being called a biker-friendly business, eventually we may find out and we might give you some free publicity. Typically, we do this whenever your establishment has a motorcycle event. You can submit a motorcycle event now.

You don’t have to run a biker bar to be considered biker-friendly.

A lot of businesses which sell motorcycle parts want free advertising from Worldwide Bikers. “Click your heals Dorothy”. You’ve always had the ability to be biker-friendly. If you make motorcycle parts or sell motorcycles, that doesn’t automatically make you biker-friendly. It just means you supply a product used by motorcyclists. It’s not going to get you free advertising or a reciprocal link. If I turn down a reciprocal link request, all you have to really do to get free ads from me is to try being more of a part of the biker community by sponsoring an event that raises money for a good biker charity, or you can simply schedule some good motorcycle rides!

If your site is for a business that is a commercial success, you should be advertising to help support the biker community. Ads are cheap so you don’t have to be. At any one time, BIKERS is providing free publicity for events and clubs that will provide tens of thousands of dollars to charities. We do out part in helping the biker community, the charities they support, the promotion of motorcycling, and the attempted preservation and education of old school biker values. Please do your part to help the biker community by keeping BIKERS alive by placing a low cost ad.

Veterans and Active Military - God Bless Us and God Bless America for my right to still to publish the word God. In addition to trying to put together resources related to motorcycling of interest to you, I hope to add more Veterans resources in the future. I do actively petition the US Congress and the President whenever they reduce veterans benefits. They’ve been doing it way too much lately.

News Articles - If anyone wants to send news articles to be posted on this site or other sites owned by us, go ahead and send it via email. No form required. Your permission and authorship is assumed. Will credit you unless you want to remain anonymous. You can also send opinions and comments for posting as Letters to the Editor using the same email.

Political sites - There has been a nasty trend over the last 40 years to combine religion and politic motive, and attempt to disguise it as something else. They sometimes try to pass it along as related to motorcycling. If I can help it, I’m not going to be a part of it.

Example: I was contacted by someone who tried to call something a motorcycle event. They wanted bikers to visit a camp during their behavioral conditioning of troubled children at a camp. The visit would supposedly be a reward during their conditioning (see operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, negative conditioning, brainwashing, torture). At the end of the behavioral conditioning, the children write nice letters home to their parents and say they have started praying to God. I did some research and found they were running a torture camp, and allegedy had a child in handcuffs and a closet for 4 days, eating bread and water. I found the camp had been shut down by the state for those reasons, and a camp counselor had been brought up on charges. Somehow, the camp was reopened, with the same people in charge, probably after paying some fines. I avoided being confrontational with these whackos. I politely refused to publish it as a motorcycle event by saying it seems they want bikers to work for no pay, and I do not consider this to be a motorcycle event.

Motorcycle Events - Please click on submit a motorcycle event. There are limits to what I consider a motorcycle event. For example: the Sturgis Rally is a motorcycle event. A parade ride at Sturgis is part of a motorcycle event and I would love to post the information. A bar that has a local band performing that Friday night is a tough call and may be considered just another part of the motorcycle festival if there is reason to believe the bar is supportive of bikers and part of the bikers community year round. A campground that features cold beer and showers is good info but should advertise rather than call itself an event. A motel that is located within ten miles is not a motorcycle event and should advertise if they want to get onto the Sturgis Rally page.

Selling your Harley? You can visit Hawg Used Harley and post it there for about $40. It works!

Bikers USA - Some, but not all items that appear at BIKERS may appear at Bikers USA. Here is the difference: BIKERS has a worldwide audience and focuses on Harleys and American motorcycles and custom choppers. Bikers USA covers all motorcycle riders but has an American focus. Bikers USA even has info for ATV Riders and .

Questions? You can fill out the form to submit your site to see if it gets approved. Or you can email me.

Thanks for visiting BIKERS and proving a Biker web site can be biker-family oriented and still be popular! Please visit again soon !

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