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Black Bike Week
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5/25 - 5/29/2006



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Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week takes place shortly after Myrtle Beach Bike Week, at the same time when the Run for the Wall rides coast to coast to Washington DC.

Black Bike Week was originally started by the Flaming Knight Riders in Atlantic Beach in 1980. Later, the group changed its’ name to Carolina Knight Riders MC. The event has also been called by several names. In its’ first years, it was the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival. Now in its’ 26th year, Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week runs from May 25 - May 29, 2006 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Attendance estimates of more than 350,000 in recent years, makes it the 3rd or 4th largest motorcycle rally; even larger than Myrtle Beach Bike Week, which is the week before.
Daytona Beach Bike Week and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are seeing attendance estimates of over 500,000 some years, while the Laconia Motorcycle Rally also has an attendance of approximately 350,000. The revenue generated for these cities and towns totals millions of dollars.
There have been hassles. Some Myrtle Beach shop keepers close for the week, claiming attendees are often lewd and not as well behaved as the MBBW crowd. City officials and the Myrtle Beach PD have been accused of intentionally impeding the flow of traffic - possibly in an attempt to put down this rally. I have heard they take all the traffic and reduce it to one lane so the police can easily scrutinize the rally attendees.
In 2004, accusations of racial bias resulted in at least one lawsuit against Myrtle Beach city officials by the NAACP. There have also been some references calling it Sportsbike week rather than Black Bike Week, but that idea seems to have faded. Organizers of Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week invite all people regardless of race or the type of motorcycle you ride, “providing you respect us”.

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