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ROT Rally

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ROT Rally is always the weekend after Memorial Day.

Austin Texas
Travis County Expo Center
7311 Decker Lane
Austin, TX 78724

May 31 - June 3, 2007


As of 2/4/07, about 77% of the Austin hotels have rooms available during the ROT Rally, but hurry.

About ROT Rally
Occasionally refered to as R.O.T. Rally, but simplified to ROT Rally, the Republic of Texas Biker Rally is a relatively young (2002?) motorcycle rally compared to the oldest motorcycle rallies. It has become one of the most attended and best organized motorcycle rallies in the world. The city of Austin has much to do with this success. Austin offers rally goers such things as free tram service to reduce traffic (this is particularly good for cagers and those of us who party a wee bit hard). It also closes off the downtown area for a huge party on Congress Ave on Friday night for what may be the largest biker party in a downtown area of a large city. Since Austin is the capital of Texas, this says a lot about the number of bikers in Texas and about Texans attitudes towards bikers. It also says a lot about Texas bikers knowing how to throw a party!

ROT Rally Accomodations and Austin Accomodations

Austin Hotels Directory       Interactive Austin Hotels Map

Tent camping is free on the Travis Expo Center rally grounds. There is no need to pre-register. This is primitive tent camping. No campfires or open flames. Lots of porta-pottys.

On-site RV Access - all RV sites were already sold out when I checked the ROT Rally RV page in January, 2007. Seek alternative RV sites in the Austin area.

ROT Rally Schedule of Events, Activities, Attractions









ROT Rally Begins

Roadhouse dancing girls.

Evening concert on the main stage.

Extreme stunts and aerials shows.

Continuous live music

Roadhouse dancing girls.

Celebrity bike builders make appearances.

Helicopter Rides

ROT Motorcycle Parade leaves the rally site under escort at 7:30pm. Rides 10 miles to downtown Austin for the party!

Downtown Austin Party fills the streets on Congress Ave.

Evening concert on the main stage.

Extreme stunts and aerials shows.

Continuous live music

Roadhouse dancing girls.

Celebrity bike builders make appearances.

Helicopter Rides

ROT Ride-in Bike Show in the afternoon.

Invitational Master Bike Builders Show and Competition in the afternoon.

Evening concert on the main stage.

You donít have to go home, but you canít stay here.

ROT Rally Vendors and RVís may arrive early to set up on Wednesday.

Moving Wall will be on site throughout the event.

Tattoo Contests and other contests and activities throughout the rally.

Self-Guided Rides to tour Texas Hill Country - maps available at check-in.

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ROT Rally Admission, Registration, and Pre-Registering
2007: $45 for adults, $20 for children 12 - 17 and no charge for children under 12 years of age.
Admission covers all events.
You can register when you arrive. Pre-registering begins anytime after January 1 and can be done at the official site or at some Austin motorcycle shops and other businesses. A benefit of pre-registering is to avoid long lines. Also, on January 1, registration for on-site RV sites begins and are almost immediately sold out.
Registration hours are 8am - 10pm only. After registration hours, security will turn away people who do not have wrist bands.
RVíers have other special rules to follow.
Questions? Check the official site.



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The Big 4 Traditional Motorcycle Rally Classics:

Disclaimer: Always check with rally organizers if you have questions. Bikers USA posts motorcycle events as a service to bikers who are interested in attending motorcycle events. Event plans are subject to change without Bikers USA knowledge or control. Bikers USA is not to be held responsible in any way if an event is cancelled, postponed, or you didnít check with event organizers or you get in an accident or your sweetheart runs off with a biker, or your bike breaks down, or if a rally runs out of beer, or you are hellbent on being a litigious dumb ass for any other reason. Please, always ride safely, watch out for bad drivers, and if you canít ride safely, please donít ride in group formation.

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The sky is not always blue. Check out a sunset. However, when the sky is blue, it is due to Rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Little of the red, orange and yellow light is affected by the air.

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