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Smokeout Rally

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The Smokeout Rally

The Smokeout is a major motorcycle rally which has moved to a new location for 2008, Farmington Motorsports Park in Mocksville, NC, just outside Winston-Salem, NC. Regardless of what you ride, you can go there.
This motorcycle rally is dedicated to:



JUNE 20 - 22, 2008

Rooms will go fast, so book a room in Winston-Salem, NC

The Smokeout has become one of the premiere motorcycle rallies in the country, and is perhaps one of the best in terms of what bikers look for. It is backed by The Horse Backstreet Choppers. The Smokeout is held outside Winston-Salem at the Farmington Dragway, but first, let me tell you about the Stampede!

The Stampede to the Smokeout starts just a few days earlier, on the other side of the country, in Barstow California! A few hearty riders ride across the country in almost half the time that it takes other cross-country motorcycle rides. And get this; In keeping with the dedication to choppers, some of these riders are on rigids (hardtails; for the uninitiated reader that means no rear shocks). They get plenty of wind because they donít have windshields. I suppose they must have a chase truck, because they also donít have hard saddlebags.
(I run with no windshield and either leather or no saddlebags in the summer, packing a sleeping bag and small tent, but never tried this for more than 800 miles!)

Once youíre at the Smokeout, get ready for a great motorcycle rally! Enjoy!

Winston-Salem is cool, because it provides the southeast gateway to the Blue Ridge. Great riding!

Smokeout Accomodations:
Hotels closest to Farmington Motorsports Park

There will also be camping at the dragway.

You might want to check out some of the other attractions in the area. For instance, in nearby Concord, thereís LOWES MOTOR SPEEDWAY!


Hotel Maps USA

The Easiest Way to Stay Close to the Smokeout Chopper Rally

Interactive Maps display all the hotels closest to The Smokeout!

1st Annual

East Coast Helmet Law Protest


Always the last Sunday of Myrtle Beach Bike Week.




ďJust a Bunch of BikersĒ
a no dues, no demands, non-patch group of bikers with about 100 members in the Raleigh-Durham and Triangle area.

JBB will be riding from Raleigh to the Smokeout June 20th, and possibly another group will be leaving on the 21st.

Raleigh Bikers

North Carolina Motorcycle Events

When staying at a hotel or motel, always check with the hotel to find out about the security situation, particularly regarding high priced motorcycles.
Most of the time, in order to get discount hotel rates, you just show your discount card at check-in time.

It is with great pleasure that I scratch off the below alert and change the text color from red to GREEN for Go!
See the announcement at The Horse Back Street Choppers Magazine


Bikers USA writes to Edge - I got word that the county is not going to allow alcohol at the Salisbury Fairgrounds. Is that true, and if so, are plans being changed?

Edge from Smokeout replies:
We really do not know which way this will go right now. We have a valid contract for the event and never really believed that the attack by the anti-alcohol commissioners would amount to much. The problem is we are running out of time and we may have to relocate just to have a place we are sure about. We may already have problems getting the word out this close to the event -- so we will need your support.

We have taken matters into our own hands and we are implementing actions with a time line to have a decision announced by April 17th, 2007. Thanks for the help and support.

There you have it, right from the Horsesí mouth, folks. Please get ready to spread the word to all groups and individuals, and stay tuned.


Bikers Gear

the motorcycle parts you need, and you can order them online:
gas tanks, exhaust, front ends, seats, handle bars, suspension, lowering kits, seals, bushings, pegs, covers, and even complete motorcycle kits - Bikes in a Box! Leather jackets, helmets, sunglasses, and much more.


Thanks for visiting BIKERS USA and proving a biker site can be biker-family oriented and still be popular! Please visit again soon !

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