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Meeting on 6/16 with Senator Tony Rand

Purpose: Present proposed bill for motorcycle awareness funding.

The following Motorcycle Awareness Funding bill has been brought to Senator Hunt

and Representative Eddins for their possible introduction, and will be presented to Senator Rand on 6/16/05.

Also see, House Bill 858, Motorcycle Awareness Proclamation.
Also see HB1289, Amend Motorcycle Helmet Law

Short Title: Motorcycle Awareness Funding


AN ACT to appropriate funds to improve motorcycle awareness from
April through October.

Whereas, seventy five percent of all motorcycle wrecks involve a
passenger vehicle; and
Whereas, two thirds of accidents between a motorcycle and passenger
car or truck are the direct result of the passenger car driver's
negligence, often in failing to yield the right of way to a
motorcyclist; and
Whereas, radio is often listened to by automobile drivers; and
Whereas, the safety of motorcycle riders should be of great concern
to all who operate motor vehicles in North Carolina; Now, therefore,
The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:
SECTION 1. There is appropriated from the General Fund, the sum of
fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for the professional production and
distribution of radio spots to promote motorcycle awareness.
SECTION 2. This act becomes effective July 1, 2005.

Argument in Favor of the Bill

Pennsylvania was able to achieve a reduction on motorcycle fatalities in the year since they repealed their mandatory helmet laws. PA has motorcycle awareness

Radio advertisements.


Funding could come from increases from Senator Rands' proposal to reduce the constant repeat of learner permits.




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