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The Coolest Harley Horn Cover Ever !

Last year, BIKERS Magazine created the New Motorcycle Products page and introduced a 2005 Sportster lowering kit made by Hellbent Hogs which was first on the market.

Keeping with that tradition, we want to tell you about a wonderful new product we found out about.


There is a new company called Chrome Dome Motorcycle Products who makes a horn cover that is truly unique. The company itself is run by co-owners, Dennis Hancq and John Kenter. Dennis is a longtime Harley-Davidson enthusiast from Iowa. John is a tremendously gifted artist and sculptor.  One day, Dennis came up with the idea for a skull cover, so he “went to my long time friend John with a Harley cowbell cover and asked him if he could see a skull in it. He said yes and I told him to sculpt one and we would go into business”.

The chromed skull horn cover and the chromed eagle horn cover were both sculpted by seasoned artist John Ketner and are truly magnificent!!

The pictures on the horn cover page speak for themselves, but what they do not tell you is that you will not get the full appreciation from the 2-d pictures. I have held the chromed skull horn cover in my hands prior to mounting it on Bailey, my Sportster 1200 XLH. This is highest possible quality in every way, from the sculpting to the choice of quality materials. The workmanship is so fantastic they really need to be seen in person so you can see the 3 dimensional perfection. Baileys’ new chromed horn cover is the model with the neon eyes that light up. When they aren’t lit, the eyeballs look real! They are greenish blue and gorgeous.

I am about to install “ol blue eyes” on Bailey as part of the Bailey spruce up project and will have pictures and a write-up about it soon, on the Harley Horn Cover page. However, I wanted to be the first to tell you about this incredible masterpiece.

To find out more, click on the Coolest Harley Horn Cover Ever.


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